Rank Faster On Google

Before starting a new blog, you have to find the ideal niche that you want to work with. After finding your niche resister a domain. Buy an expired domain if possible otherwise go for the fresh domain (.com/.Net/.in). Now buy a good hosting for your website. I personally use Name Hero cloud hosting for my website Bloggers law. They have an amazing offer for our reader. Also you got a free domain with a plan of hosting from Name Hero. Click the image below for discount with free domain name.

Rank Faster On Google

I focus on these thing (My Experience)

1. On-Page SEO

2. Valuable Content For Users

3. Analyse Your Competitor

4. My  Backlink Strategy

Now launch your dream blog/website. Now you need to setup your WordPress blog properly.Install some basic and free plugins that I use personally for my website.

  • Yoast SEO

Yoast seo helps me to in On-Page seo and also it create a sitemap for my website. Its show you all the mistaken you do and all the good works you do in your blog post. This is the amazing plugin i ever use.

  • Table Press

Table press helps you to creat tables on your post and pages to understand better for your readers.

Now these plugins are the  enough and now go to settings and select permalinks and select post name as your URL structure. See on the image below for better understanding.

  • 301 Redirection

Redirect your domain to www.yourdomain.com from non www. If anyone give you a link to your domain, it will passes all the link juice to your main domain. Even i also do this on my website. It help me a lot in ranking.

1. On-Page Seo

For gaining my SEO skills I always read others blogs and implement on my website. Now coming to the next step which is On-Page SEO. In On-Page SEO, a lot of things to do in this step. But you have to focus in these steps … Read my case study in depth on On-Page SEO  and my own experience with it. By implement  these things i got a lot result and i can increase my traffic from the search engines.

  • Page Title
  • Meta Description
  • Meta Tags
  • URL Structure
  • Body Tag (H1, H2, H3)
  • Image SEO
  • Interlinkink
  • Outerlinking

.  Page Title

Your page title is most important to understand your user what the article is for and how its help your user.

. Meta Description

Meta Description helps search engines to index & understant faster about post and it will helps you to rank faster and attract your user to click your link. An example is shown below.

. Meta Tags

Meta Tags helps you to add multiple keyword. By doing this you can add all the relivent keywords in your article.

. URL Structure

URL Structure helps your blog post’s url looks awesome and cool like yourdomain.com/post. It will help you to rank faster because search engines like user friendly URL structures .

. Body Tag (H1, H2, H3)

Use your headlines in H1, H2, H3 for better understanting to your users and search engines.

. Image SEO

Use your keywords in ALT text in your images and rename the images to your focus keyword.

. Interlinking

Never forget to giving interlink to your other articles. By doing this your all keywords can rank on search engines.

8. Outer LInk

Give links to others for getting more benifits in SEO. I personally use this method to getting quality backlinks to my website.

2. Valuable Content For Users

Always try to write awesome and user friendly article in your blog post. If you can write then write it otherwise hire someone who can write for you. Always write in dept for better understanding for your users.Try to give proper answer to user.

EX: If anyone search for (Best Cofee making Machine In Cheap). Write a very good article which have more readability and user can understand better what you want to say. Give a click to tweet botton for more share. Because if a user loves your post, he/she must share it and also buy it from your affiliate link.

  • Write original content
  • Use strong and great headlines
  • Try answer your user querry
  • Add Images and GIF for more engagement

. Write Original Content

Always try to post original articles on your website. If you can’t write an article, hire any content writer on Afflospark.com, contentmart.com etc. If you copy someones’s content, google will know it and your blog post will never ranked on Google.

. Strong & Great Headline

Headline make the content better understanding. There are 80% of people will read your headline and rest 20% will read blog post. So always use cache & strong headline.

. Provide  Answer

Providing answer to your users is helps you more to build trust and can sell them your peoducts or affiliate products.

. Add Images & GIF

People are getting bored if they continuosly reading your blog post. So add images & GiF. It helps you to get more engagment and more duration.

3. Analyze You Compititor

Search your keyword on google and select 5 website and start analyze. Let me tell you how to analyze your compititor.

  • First you have to look how many words written on your compititor’s blog. If they write a article of 1000 words, then you must write 1200-1500 word blog post. Try give better answer and better knowlege to your user.
  • Look how many images are used in your compititor’s blog post. If they use 1 image on their blog post, you must use 2-3 images on your blog post.
  • Give more value on your blog post that they don’t give in their blog post.
  • Share your blog post on social media and tell your friends to share your blog post on their timeline. It will boost your social signals which is very good for your website.
  • Now take a look how many backlinks are create for this perticular blog post and start create backlinks for your blog post.

4. My Backlink Strategy

 Creating backlink is no more valuable for ranking as google update their algorithm. But backlink are also important for SEO. There are many way to create backlink. But dofollow backlink are very powerfull in the backlink categories. Now 2.0 backlinks are not valuable and I never recomended to create 2.0 links. Contact your friends and asked them to exchange backlinks or asked them for guest posting.

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